pakistan sunsilk fashion week in lahore photos

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week for the year 2010 held at Lahore, Pakistan: Photos and pictures. Latest photos of Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010, this show was held at Lahore, Pakistan recently.

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Flawless Foundation Tutorial--Beauty at Every Age

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Make-up mistakes that make you look old

What’s one of the biggest make-up mistakes that makes you look old?

We think it is not wearing concealer.

As we age we start getting dark raccoon -like shadows under our eyes and blotchy skin with brown patches. Smooth even toned skin can help you drop ten years. A little dab of concealer under your eyes, on brown patches and in those marionette folds around the mouth, for example, can really soften things up, even if you don’t want to wear foundation over top.

To get more make-up tips for over 40 women check out this handy video we found called:

The Orange British Academy Film Awards

The Orange British Academy Film Awards were held this past weekend and there were, as always, celebs wearing clothing worth talking about.

In the case of Rising Star Award winner Kristen Stewart, it was her hair that was most noticeable. As in - why didn't she bother washing it? Spend too much time with that Pattison dirtbag?

Kate Winslet is usually admired for her womanly figure, but she is currently as emaciated as any Hollywood starlet. For shame, Kate. I hope your excuse is that you are playing an anorexic in your next film.

I'm not sure if Jane Ross' dress clashes with her hair or the other way around.

I like the style of Jaime Winstone's dress, but I think the banding would have worked better if the fabric didn't resemble stretched out nude pantyhose so much.

That's just too much dress with too much pattern on gamine Carey Mulligan. It might have worked better as a mini, without the train.

The 80s are back, and they've taken Audrey Tautou hostage.

Anna Kendrick is wearing a cute dress, but I'm not really liking the color against her pale skin

NY Fall 2010 Fashion Week - Anna Sui

As a huge fan of Art Nouveau, particularly the more geometric Wiener Werkstatte style and the Arts & Crafts Movement, I am ga-ga over Anna Sui's Fall 2010 collection, which is chock-full of the graphic sensibilities of that era. The patterns and colors are scrumptious, and while I can't imagine all that much of it being worn on the street, I love it all. Here are my favorites from the show.

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NY 2010 Fall Fashion Week - Badgley Mischka

After a constellation of gowns came daywear with a modern geometric feel. It was as if two different designers were presenting on the same runway, which is almost the truth. Badgely Mischka presented not only their line of familiar sparklers so often seen on the red carpet but also their Mark & James line of contemporary fashions. An odd juxtaposition, perhaps, but all interesting, pretty, wearable.

Here are some of my favorites.

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Fashion Week Videos

Project Runway Finale Collections

Check out the collections from all ten season 7 designers who showed during Fashion Week here. Below are some of my favorite looks.

Seth Aaron - In the 80s, I had a flannel shirt in that same tartan, and I would often wear it with dark green tartan pants. Very Big Country of me.

Mila - seemed like her models were styled to look like Mila.

Jay - this looks a bit like something that would have been right at home in Irina's collection last season.

Janeane - not particularly well-excuted, but I like the swingy shape and the fabric.

Emilio sent out a few coats that were just stunning. His whole collection was very strong.


Anthony - I like just about everything in his collection - it was fun and flouncy and ready to party!

NY Fall 2010 Fashion Week - Christian Siriano

The exuberant and annoying little pixie who won Project Runway season 4 is still a pixie and most likely still annoying, but there's little or no exuberance in his Fall 2010 collection. Apart from the eye-popping final gown (which seems like a design from an older collection presented in a new color) and a few shiny frocks, the rest of the collection is in somber tones and classic shapes. A bit of a snooze, and disappointing.

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Be and D leather Kan Kan zip tote

Chanel Large patent leather quilted tote

Lockheart Megan leather handbag

Lockheart Reese leather handbag

Michael Kors large hobo python handbag

Michael Kors Rehearsal large drawstring satchel

Moschino Bubble Ruffle shoulder bag (wouldn't it be great in purple?)

Prada Vernice Sfumata shopping tote

Spring-summer 2010 men’s wear: french proposals

Yves Saint Laurent proposes a quite simple and linear men’s style, characterized by one-button jackets and ankle length trousers. His elegant suit is essentially black or dark grey and the fabric used is shiny in order to give the man a further touch of charm and prestige. The tie, if worn, is black. His casual look, on the other hand, combines wide, comfortable trousers with maxi pullovers or knee length trench coats, or else with short jackets, similar to a bolero. The most popular colors are white, light brown, black and grey, while bright colors are not present in Yves Saint- Laurent’s collection. There are no bags either, probably considered superfluous and not so trendy for next summer.


Dior Homme envisages for the man of summer 2010 a youthful tailoring style where elegant suits are worn over t-shirts and ultra light shirts. Dior’s man is proud of the perfection of his body and enhances it with transparent suit jackets or sexy, sheer shirts. Trousers are soft and ankle length; their casual look enhancing the masculine figure. For evening wear, Dior Homme’s stylist Kris von Assche proposes wide jackets, kimono style to superimpose in layers, according to the perfect Dior style. As for colors, Von Assche uses very sober shades like beige, white, grey and black, typical summer tonalities. The Dior Homme collection is complemented by accessories such as the man bag, wide totes with a practical strap to wear across the body or on the shoulder, even for an important event, where the “elegant suit” is obligatory. Jackets can be knee length or cropped to the waist, and the elegant trousers can be either long or Bermuda length to just below the knee.


Hermes focuses his own men’s collection on warm colors such as brown, grey, blue, beige and white, brightening up his creations with a T-shirt or a tie in a vivid shade such as purple, bright green or military green. The proposed look is very simple and linear, characterized by ankle length trousers and a jacket worn over a T-shirt or a light shirt. Very trendy is the brown leather jacket or the shocking green hand-knitted pullover worn over a pair of Bermuda shorts. Shorts too can be green if worn with a dark brown shirt. Moccasins are perfect worn with an elegant look while for everyday wear, Hermes proposes comfortable sandals. The man of next spring-summer 2010, according to Hermes, will wear very particular wide belts, which can be black or brown but are always made of leather. The bag is useful but only if it is a tote, preferably made of leather.


The typical summer colors of next summer, according to what Hugo proposed, are white and sky-blue, with a touch of red, even though black is always present, as a sexy evening look. Some suits are completely white, from the jacket to the matching shoes, others are entirely sky-blue. Red is used as a bright contrast for shorts or ankle length trousers, which become really gorgeous if the fabric is shiny. Sleeveless jackets are worn over slim trousers, while shirts are sheer, almost transparent, sometimes even non-existent. Trench coats are made of hi-tech nylon. Wide blue stripes contrast with thin white stripes for casual-elegant suits, while the evening look imposes a total blue look enriched by gold sequin sleeves. Shorts are very trendy both in the casual style or in the more elegant version. The Hugo man, next spring-summer will wear white or black sandals, and he will hold his usual tote bag in the hand, a tote bag which is almost as big as a suit-case.


Kenzo sees the man of next spring-summer 2010 as a celestial being covered in flowers. Fabrics are mainly decorated with printed flowers in sober shades tending to grey-sky-blue and even when they are not patterned, the colors remain the same. Particular care is paid to the details: jackets are like shirts, cinched at the waist by a belt and trousers can be ankle length or just on the knee. Waistcoats are worn under the jacket while the hat plays a prominent role, and very often matches the genuine python leather tote bag and the boots, those too often made of python skin. T-Shirts, worn under the jacket are sheer, enhancing the perfect men’s figure and going perfectly in style and color with the other elements of the man’s look. Kenzo uses subtle colors for his collection such as grey, light beige, light green, brown or white with some electric blue highlights which give vitality to a monochromatic look. Bags are very wide and comfortable, worn on the shoulder or held in the hand, like clutches or, simply held by the handles. They are made of grey natural leather or of genuine python skin, but always in very light colors such as grey or beige. For a more elegant look, Kenzo proposes an ivory colored suit in shiny damasked leather.


Givenchy too uses neutral colors for this latest men’s collection spring-summer 2010, basing it on white and black, either all one color or mixed together. The man proposed by Givenchy pays tribute to a typical North African style using printed fabrics. The main aim of designer Riccardo Tisci is to transform sportswear into a sexy look. This is the reason why shorts and leggings are combined with the tailored jacket, and hi-tech fabrics are used to give a new image of the man’s figure. Red is used for the most fashionable elements of this collection, while black outfits are enriched by a touch of gold both on the jackets and on the shoes.


Jean Paul Gaultier goes for the androgynous look sending some of his models down the catwalk wearing a bustier and skirt. Special attention in fact is focused on the skirt, available in many different lengths and colors, worn with a jacket or a vest, for a more informal look. The vest and the trench coat are, for Jean Paul Gaultier, the Must-Haves of next summer. Beige, white, black and orange are the main colors chosen by the French designer for the creation of his models, accompanied by a sports shoulder bag to wear on the shoulder or across the body. Much used are the striped black/white or white/orange fabrics for the casual look, both for the jacket and for the trousers, while in the evening, the Jean Paul Gaultier man will wear elegant suits over a gorgeous bustier top (black or orange) glittering with sequins. And, for day wear, a denim top is worn under a white suit.


Louis Vuitton’s collection can be considered a tribute to sport but also to haute couture. The Vuitton man, next spring-summer 2010, will wear hi-tech, tailored clothes: nylon jackets, silk and cotton trousers with hi-tech accessories and small cardigans to wear with shorts and sneakers. This collection is animated by very vivid summer colors such as yellow and orange, even though he still uses the more sober colors such as white, beige and grey. His preferred bag is a tote bag made of leather, even though he also uses mini man bags attached to the belt or classic shoulder bags to wear across the body. Sometimes bags are so big and wide that they look like suit-cases. The evening look is blue or wine red colored, if possible, using shiny fabrics and enlivened by quirky leather shoes in electric blue, fluorescent green and gold. Very chic is also the leather jacket in brown or black.


Paul Smith presents a very classic menswear collection but it is rich in color, with red, periwinkle, sky-blue, grey, electric blue, orange and light green next to more sober tonalities such as white, dark blue and black. His elegant evening style is very refined and linear while the casual look is original and young, mainly based on combinations of contrasting colors such as vivid blue and green.


As we can see, each designer has a different vision about the new man of next spring-summer 2010: some designers imagine the new man as an ethereal, refined being, surrounded by light clothes in subtle shades, while others promote the idea of a strong rebel who creates a look to enhance his masculinity and his virility.

Which kind of collection do you like most? Do you agree with a more sober look or do you prefer a casual, non-conformist style?

Let us know your comments and we will be happy to hear from you!

Paris fashion week: trends and styles proposed by French designers for the new spring-summer 2010 men’s collections

Having just reported from Milan fashion week on the latest trends proposed by Italian designers for their spring-summer 2010 men’s collections, we are now moving on to Paris, where two weeks ago, from June the 25th to June the 29th, the entire fashion world focused its attention on the collections presented by French designers at Paris fashion week.


Top French fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Herm├Ęs and Yves-Saint Laurent took part in this important event, introducing their vision of the men’s look for next summer: a man who, as we have already seen at Milan Fashion week, is confident of his good looks and charm and wants a look that is sexy and eye-catching.

The man portrayed by French designers pays attention to his look and his physique, setting off his toned body with carefully chosen clothing, enhancing his figure with high quality, perfect style.

His look is mainly characterized by the high quality of the fabrics used and by a particular care for details, especially in the accessories which should complement and enhance the man’s personality but not overshadow it. Everything is harmonious and perfectly put together.

Unlike some Italian designers who proposed gorgeous bright colors for spring-summer 2010 men’s clothing, both for day and evening wear, French fashion houses promote the use of subtle shades for next summer with a particular preference for white, ivory, light beige and light grey. Fabrics are fresh and comfortable, and can be shiny or matt, but should always be light in color. The French man, next spring-summer 2010 will be accompanied by his tote or shoulder bag, but this accessory is not as recurrent as in the Italian fashion collections where almost every model walked down the catwalk holding a large bag in his hand. French men’s bags are more like suitcases where he can keep everything he needs to have by his side, for work or travel or a pleasant week end. They are made of leather (if possible in a dark color) and the cut is classic but very refined. However, as said here above, many designers taking part in Paris fashion week, such as Christian Dior in his Dior Homme line, prefer the classic shoulder bag worn across the body or an elegant but wide shoulder bag worn on the shoulder with an elegant suit.

Which are the most innovative ideas and proposals which are going to distinguish the next season men’s wardrobe? In the second part of the article we will give you very detailed information regarding the following fashion houses, which in our opinion, best captured our attention: Yves Saint Laurent, Dior Homme, Hermes, Hugo, Kenzo, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton.

Are you looking forward to discovering what happened on the Paris catwalks? Continue >>>

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