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Thursday, November 11, 2010
Every day you wake up and start the same routine and the ending goal is to be attractive - maybe more attractive than yesterday. Maybe you put on some mascara; maybe some gloss and some blush and look exactly the same as you do daily. Every now and then, it’s time for a cosmetics revamp to keep your look fresh and modern. This season makeup is bold and dramatic. Here’s our tried and tested picks to add some critically sexy colors to your look

Wet/Dry Eyeshadow:

Try Bourjois wet and dry eye shadows. Watch what a little water will do for that nock ‘em-dead look.

Glitter Eyeshadow:

Try some powder eye shadows from Manic Panic. These richly pleasing long-wearing eye shadows are packed with pigment and micro glitter. Buy single colors or paint box palettes.

Coloured Eyelash Mascara:

Be daring and try some Stargazer Mascara. A range of colors are available. Colors like turquoise, violet, red, white, blue, 
and pink. If you just want a hint of color on the lashes, apply it just on the tips.

3D Mascara:

Have you seen the latest mascara from Revlon? It’s called 3D Extreme and will give your lashes extreme fullness. If 
drama is what you want, you’ll get it-as well as curvier, visibly longer lashes. It doesn’t cake or flake and comes in 
waterproof too.

Mood Swing Lip Gloss:

his ought to change your mood. Too Faced carries a ‘mood swing’ lip-gloss with a secret blend of oils and extracts help keep your lips smooth & sinuous, revived, and protected from the sun. I’m sure you remember those ‘mood rings’ of the 90s that always stayed the same murky color but don’t bother- your lips will look anything but gloomy.

Sooth and Shine Lipstick:

Face atelier’s lipsticks feel and look so good. They will sooth your lips and make them shine. They contain antioxidants, essential oils, and provide sun shield...

Makeup Trends this Eid

Every being desires for beauty but in women this sense is very strong. This concept continues to inspirebeauty industries to come up with good qualitycosmetics that are negative side free and in trendnow.
So follow the tips this Eid
According to this tip, parlour going trend is very common this Eid, so make sure that it should be clean, have quality products and an experienced staff and owner who knows the art of perfect makeup and latest trends of beauty treatments.
Before you begin any beauty treatment, study the treatments and its possible consequences, allergies that it causes and get a patch test before you go ahead.
The tip believes that women should have her ownmakeup kit at home and another for travelling reasons. Choose a small compact beauty kit that performs dual function along with a makeup foundation that gives a finished look.
On Eid, don’t forget to buy quick and simple products that can keep you fresh and ever green at the end of the day. On Eid, a light makeup in morning should look great, dramatic overdone makeup would make you look like a pastry.
For Eid, the tip suggests that you use natural tones for eye shadow and blush and use a nude lip colour for daytime makeup and for going to work.
According to this tip of beauty, use waterproof mascaras, cake eyeliners and matte lipsticks which last longer. Similarly, on Eid, for instant party touch to day makeup, just brush up deep and vibrant eye shadow to define your eyes.
Sheer and light makeup is the trend of the day on Eid and best shades to use are neutral browns, smudgy greys, earthy pinks and peaches.
The tip suggests that, cream and gel blush are easy to use and give you a natural look on Eid.
Have a glowing Eid!

Most Important Beauty Tips for Bride

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Experience the freshness of glowing skin on your wedding day.
The wedding season is in full swing with all its excitement, beauty tips and pleasure. Girls got so much indulged in the midst of all the marriage related activities that they hardly give time to adopt important beauty tips and beneficial bridal beauty tips that can do wonders in their bridal look. If you really want to look good and fresh on your wedding day, these bridal beauty tips are essential for you.
When it comes to bride and bridal beauty tips, most of us only focus on the Wedding and Walima day, when we thought makeup and beauty tips will cover all our spots, dark circles and dull skin. However, girls forget the importance of early marriage days, when thesebeauty tips will actually work for them to make theirskin look fresh and healthy.
Wedding day is not the only day when you have to look beautiful by using these beauty tips. In fact, by these easy beauty tips you will feel difference in your skin texture and freshness. The most important amongst all bridal beauty tips is to drink a lot of water minimum before two months before your wedding. By following this beauty tips, you will maintain the hydration of your skin, keeping it supple and soft.
Drinking minimum 10 glasses of water every day is among best beauty tips to control your stress level that you will be experiencing as the wedding date will be coming near. No beauty tips and treatment will work for you if your skin is not hydrated properly.
To attain a healthy glowing skin on your wedding, the best amongst the bridal beauty tips is the three steps procedure, which all of the girls can easy follow. These three steps are:
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing

Cleansing is the most important and vital among the beauty tips, as without cleansing any expensive cream or mask will do no good to your skin. Before 2 months of your wedding, try these easy beauty tips to make it a routine to cleanse your face with a non-alcoholic cleanser every morning and before going to bed. By adopting our beauty tips you will definitely feel the difference in your face and skin, as cleansing will remove all the dirt and excessive oils that are harmful for your skin.
Toning is the next step to attain the benefits of our bridal beauty tips. After cleaning your face, dip a cotton ball in a non-alcoholic toner and apply it all over your face and neck. If you cannot buy toner to follow these beauty tips, you can achieve same effects by using rose water.
After toning, the third part of our beauty tips is to moisturize your skin with some good brand crème that suits your skin type.
Along with these bridal beauty tips, always wear sunblock SPF 15 or SPF 30, 20 mins before going out for shopping. You will find these little and easy beauty tips more than beneficial from expensive beauty salons

Best Bridal Hairdos 2010

Best Bridal Hairdos 2010
Wedding season is in and every bride wants to look beautiful and charming for her beloved. Hairstyle plays an important role in bride’s preparation. Check out the latest bridal hairstyle 2010 and so much more…
Hairstyle setting is a must part of bride’s preparation and a good hairstyle needs certain preparations. When you visit a beauty parlour for bridal hairstyle 2010, wear a simple shirt; bring flowers with you or a picture of looks that you like. Make sure that you have a clean dry hair a clean, moisturized face, camera and expect to spend an hour with hairmakeup and be expressive about your hairstyle.
There are bridal hairdos, of various kinds but first of all you have to decide whether you want your hair up or down. Second see if you want a traditional or contemporary one. Bridal hairstyle 2010 believes that for a simple look more comfortable lower, simpler, not too detailed type of hairstyles are in. Whereas,  lamour girls might want a higher, fuller, curlier and bigger statement type of hairstyles.
Make sure that bridal hairstyle 2010 compliments your facial structure.  That means, if you have a small or big forehead, try sweeping your bangs. If you have a square jaw line, try leaving some tendrils around your face to soften the strong lines. If you have a long lean face, do not have a high updo as that will elongate your face even more.
Finally, get a bridal hairdo that also compliments your bridal gown, with gharrara bigger and higher updo hairstyle would work wonders. Heavily decorated and beaded shalwar kameez will look best with curls and randomness. Bridal hairstyle 2010 fashion hairstyle trend includes finger waves and thick curls, Even, hair down, hair up and off the shoulders are also in this year.
Bridal hairstyle 2010 includes hair extensions and hair colours for brides. The newest trend in hair extensions is strand by strand micro-beading. This new hair extensions method produces virtually natural looking hair for beautiful looking hairstyles, and without damaging your hair -- easy to style in all the most popular hair styles.

Gul Ahmad Exclusive Winter Collection 2010

Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmed
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad

Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad

Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad
Winter collection 2010 by Gul Ahmad


Fashion SHOWS Manish Malhotra Spring Summer 2011 Collection

Monday, November 1, 2010
Manish Malhotra Spring Summer 2011 Collection

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Manish Malhotra Summer 2011 Collection
Manish Malhotra Spring 2011 Collection
Manish Malhotra Spring Summer 2011 Collection

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