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Last Minute Beauty Tips for Brides

As a young girl, just like every other future bride, I dreamed extensively about my wedding. In my head I was a beautiful bride. I was stylish, stunning, smart, and slim. Everything was just so. The luster of my skin served to help radiate my joy and revel in the elegance of the moment.
Truly, every bride dreams of being gorgeous on her wedding day. She wants that healthy glow that comes as much from the beauty of her body as it does from her thrill over the big gala of her wedding day. More, she wants those long lean lines that will allow her to look back at her wedding pictures with true pride.
Focus on the Positive – A positive, upbeat person is always a more attractive person. So if one wants to be a beautiful bride, they must flush all negative thoughts down the drain. So what if every last detail is not exactly how they envisioned them, the point of a wedding is to celebrate. So the bride must forget the negatives for the day and celebrate. What is going on inside always eventually manifests itself so a wise bride will only allow herself to think about the good things on her wedding day.
Food Choices – What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how our body looks on our wedding day. During the final weeks prior to the wedding celebration, if we concentrate on eating lean proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables as the bulk of our diet and cut out all the junk, we give our bodies the chance to tone up as much as time permits.
Hydrate – We all should do this all the time anyway since more than half of the human body’s composition is water… during the last week before the wedding be sure to drink a full sixty four (64) ounces of water per day. That is just over three twenty ounce water bottles. Yes, that is a lot of water, but our bodies need that water to: 1. Give your skin that soft, healthy glow, and 2. Flush your bodies of excess salt and impurities. This ensures that the water composing our body is fresh and it enables them to work most efficiently and look their trimmest and healthiest.
Salt – Salt is essential for the survival of the human body. But too much of a good thing is not a good thing, and most of us get too much. More to the point, as we approach our wedding day and want to look as slender and healthy as possible, we are well advised to limit our total daily intake of salt by avoiding salty food entirely and only using the salt sparingly. Why? Because the more salt we have in our system, the more we will retain water instead of allowing the water to flush our system of impurities as it is designed to do.
Makeup – Makeup is possibly a bride’s greatest ally on her wedding day. It helps her look fresh… and it can also help to give her the appearance of having lost weight in time for her wedding regardless of whether she did or not. How? By the use of highlighting techniques in the area of the cheekbone. Put in the most basic terms this bridal beauty tip involves using a lighter shade on the top of the cheekbones and a darker shade underneath to create the illusion of sunken cheeks.
To pull this off a bride should:
1. Play with it in advance,
2. Stop by a cosmetics counter for a little free advice on pulling it off, or
3. Hire a specialist to do their makeup on the day of their wedding.
Earrings – It might surprise some to hear that their choice of earrings can impact how thin they look. It is really only common sense, but it is not something we tend to think about. Simply put, a bride attempting to appear thinner on her wedding day should avoid dangly earrings because visually they fill in the space around the individual’s neck making the individual appear fuller in the face than they really are! Instead choose earrings that stay on the ear lobe that will really draw attention to the difference distinction between the head and the neck. This is usually accomplished with larger / bolder earrings.
Hairstyle – Just like the earrings, your choice of hairstyles can either accentuate the distinction between a bride’s head and neck or obliterate it. This is one reason that so many brides choose to wear their hair up on their wedding day. Choosing to wear hair down can look nice as well, but it tends to create the illusion that the bride has little or no neck – even though anyone who thinks about it can see otherwise!
Shoes – We have all heard the joke about not being over weight… just too short! Whether this problem is relevant in the case of any particular bride or not, it is true that by choosing to wear high heeled wedding shoes a bride will end up with a longer, leaner look.
Good choices are their own reward. Luckily, even last minute good choices reap some rewards. It only takes a couple of days, for example, to drink enough water to hydrate a bride’s skin and flush excess salt from a body to prevent excess water retention, thereby presenting a bride that is slimmer and healthier looking than she otherwise would be. Likewise, understanding how the choices we make in styles and accessories impact our overall look is a simple and cost effective way to creating a slimmer looking and more beautiful bride – all by following these last minute bridal beauty tips.

Truly bridal- Princess Collection By Metro Shoes

The first thing came into my mind when I saw these heavily studded, glamorous, trendy, classy sandals was Wow& just WOooW. These Beautifully crafted  sandals are studded with real Swarovski gems and are a perfect bridal material, probably your dream shoe at your dream day.
These elegant sandals have been designed and produced by Metro shoes and are no less beautiful than Cinderella sandals. If you are getting ready to be married this season, this is the thing you won’t stop yourself buying. For your ease and budget ideas I am also posting the price of some designs as it was provided by Metro.
Price is Rs 12,500 Article # 6750
Price is Rs 12,500

Rs 14575

Price is Rs 3450

Price Rs 15500

Japanese Nail Art

Japanese Nail Art
Japanese nail art is the most exquisite and unique form of nail art. It is clearly over the top for lot of women out there. But when it comes to creativity there is no limit to it. Japanese nail artists are amazingly creative and passionate about their art work. This nail art started off in Japan somewhere in min 90 s and became popular all over the world later on. The extensions sued are not like the normal nail extensions they are around 2 inches long and fixed on your nail tip.
You can even have Japanese nail art on your natural nail directly. Such long nail extensions are quite quirky and unimaginable for many women but when you look at the creativity and appeal of the designs you are taken aback. Japanese nail art is not only popular in Japan but also getting momentum in US and UK where women love to experiment with their looks unlike Pakistani women though. Let’s not get into what Pakistani women can do and can’t do. I just want to appreciate and acknowledge this amazing form of art.
There are different techniques involved in this art form. Artists can fix an artificial nail on your natural nails and start creating their designs by hand work or air brush technique. A hand work or freehand technique takes around 2 or 3 hours but the design u get is absolutely amazing and out of the box. Designs they create vary from patterns to rhinestones and glitters. You can also get a nail chip already designed by an artist and fix it on your nail. Japanese nail art is quite intriguing and appealing for an art lover but are difficult to maintain though.
You can’t do your normal chores with it but such an exclusive form of nail art is not for casuals and weak hearted. It is meant for special occasions and people with extraordinary love for this art form. Japanese nail art is not popular in Pakistan as many people don’t even know about it and many women will stick to their normal French manicure rather than this form of nail art. I hope these art forms take it s place in Pakistan as well as it is so amazing and exclusive.

Red Crescent Moon Nail Art

Red Nail ArtJust look at this design. This red color is nothing but gorgeous.  The red color nail tips are unique in a way that the red is raised high up near the cuticle and the little white give off the best accent.
We do not see too many people do this kind of style, but it sure is very unique and special. simplicity yet stylish is the mantra to follow in nail art. You can try it by replacing the hot red nail color with black also to give a little less sassy look to your nails.
Do try this it will surely look awesome on you

Nail Art

Nail Art
Nail art is a very unique and interesting way to accessories your look and add glam to your personality. Healthy and fine nails are not only significance of your good health but also can be used as a fashion statement. You can paint your nails in any way you like depending on your outfit or your personal mood. Well trimmed and fine long nails are best for nail art. You can start with nail art at home by using a nail art kitwhich includes a thin nail brush and nail colors. Nail brush is used aesthetically and gently on your nails to create variety of designs. You can use various designs which are found on the internet or create your own.
You can use artificial nails for nail art if you don’t have fine long nails. Many salons are offering nail art service but you can easily do it at your home using variety of nail colors. Glitters can be added to make your nails look more glamorous and eye catching.
Variety of nail art stickers are found in the market in the form of flowers, stars and many other shapes. French manicure is also kind of a nail art in which only your nail tip is painted white and a clear nail protector is applied on your nails to prevent the nail color from withering off. French manicures are a hit in woman of all ages and categories. A clear nail polish is always applied on your nails after applying nail art stickers. This nail polish keeps your stickers from withering off.
Brides can enhance their toes and hands by accessorizing them with nail art. Pierced toe nails with nail rings are also very popular among teenagers. You can also attach little gems on your toe nails for special occasions. Protective clear nail enamel is always applied on your nails to protect your nails and the design applied. Various nail art pens are found in the market to create variety of designs on your nails by free hand nail decorating.
So whether you decorate your hand nails or toe nails with nail paint brushes it always make you stand out and enhances your personal style statement. Keep your nails healthy and clean and accessories them with colors and stickers, create your own designs or follow different designs in magazines or the internet. Nail art is a great way to express your personal style statement and add glam to your outfit.

Nail piercing

Nail piercing
Nail piercing is another form of nail art which is quite wacky and wild. Ok many people might be thinking pierce your nails are you kidding me. Your parents will think you are a moron and it’s a waste of money etc. but we do pierce our ears don’t we. Nail piercing is a kind of nail art which can make you look downright wild and a rock chick. But it depends on your taste if you want give your personal style statement a wild look go for it. There is not much money into it and nothing to waste actually.
You can do it at your home or get it pierced at some salon. But nail piercing is for the daring ones not for the plain sophisticated ones. As we all know nail is composed of keratin so it’s dead and hard so there is no pain involved in it. You need nail rings which are found in the market at affordable price. There are so many different types of nail rings out there.
All you need to do is get a sewing needle and heat it on a stove after some time when it’s heated enough pierce it through your nail. But before that you need to apply 2 or 3 coats of nail polish on your nails to make them hard.
Your nails should be long and hard for the purpose. Get your nail ring and pass it through the piercing and you are done. Remember you need to have strong nails for this purpose and if you think your nails are going to break then try artificial or acrylic nails.
Do check some guide over the internet or magazines on how to pierce your nails. There are so many nail rings you can find over the internet if you want to buy some. So all the wild hearted gals go and get it done. It will definitely give you a high fashion look you were craving for.

Do It Yourself Foot Spa

Foot SpaOur feet are probably the most abused parts of our body. They carry our weight as we hurry from one task to another in the course of our daily lives. We force them into fashionable but pinching shoes with ridiculous toes, tight straps or high heels. At the end of the day, it is a sure thing that the parts of us that will be hurting the most are our feet.
The feet, therefore, deserve a good pampering every now and then. But unlike what you are probably thinking right now, you do not have to shell out a fortune just to go to a spa and get top-of-the-line primping for your feet.
You can do it from the comfort of your home and still get the same results. You do not have to buy expensive foot spa products either.
So, how is the do-it-yourself foot spa done? Here it is, step-by-step:
  • Soak up. Fill up your bathtub or a small basin with hot water, hot enough for your skin to tolerate. Put in some bath salts, your bubble bath or soap. Then, put your feet in and relax. Let your feet soak for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Scrub off. When the skin of your feet has become soft from the warm, soapy water, scrub the dead skin and the calluses off with a pumice stone. Take your time and try not to be too rough in rubbing the extra skin away.
  • Clip it. After ridding the feet of the dead skin, work on the toenails. Cut your toenails with a nail clipper. After clipping the extra length off, file them to give them shape, and then buff them. Do not cut your toenails too short, or else you will end up with painful ingrown nails.
  • Moisturize. The next step would be to apply a good amount of lotion, moisturizer or foot cream on the feet to keep the skin soft.
For some added pampering, you can coat your toenails with nail polish. Some women can do without them, but most will not be caught dead without them. For those of you who belong to the latter category, here is the right way to do your pedicure.
  • If you have it, use a toenail separator. If not, rolling a piece of tissue and placing them between your toes is good enough. The idea is to keep the nail polish from smudging while you are putting them on your nails.
  • To prevent the natural color of your toenails from turning to yellow, apply a base coat onto each one.
  • Pick out a polish color that complements the color of your skin nicely. Brush it on with smooth strokes away from your foot so as to keep air bubbles from forming on the polish. If you want a richer and darker color, apply a second coating.
  • Finish the paint job with a clear top coat to make your nails dry faster. This will also protect the polish of your toenails from chipping and breaking as you run your way through your day.
  • Take your time to let the nail polish dry.
  • The feet are the most worn-out parts of our body. Pamper them a lot and your feet will love you.

Make Up Products You Shouldn’t Live Without

Friday, January 21, 2011

There will come a time that we’ll face the mirror and be thankful for something – thank God for makeup. We are all grateful for a miracle in a compact, the instant glow, and instant enhancement in some point in our lives. Our concerted efforts to looking young can never be complete without finding and using the perfect set of make up products that will highlight your features – not hide it. Believe in yourself, you are more beautiful than what you think. There are make up products that will complement your natural features, minimize imperfections, and conceal age-related skin problems.
What’s even better is that all make up products have gone more high-tech. Gone are the days when you need to satisfy your self with a foundation that is two tones lighter than your skin or an profusely red blushes that beats the rosiest of all lipsticks. Now you and your skin can indulge from a make up product that is made from organic products, a concealer that magically banish an under eye circle that reflects your party ethics, and even give you.
If your interest with make up products is a direct result of the visible signs of skin aging, chances are you are quite unsure of what your colleagues and even friends will think. But that doubt will soon be gone because chances are you will be the prettiest flower even if you have bloomed late.
Laying The Foundation
Women of age need to follow the only rule when it comes to applying foundation: your skin needs to highlight maturity. No, not looking young. Sure, it is tempting to pile up on anti-aging products that will erase time’s effect on your skin; but relying on a pile of make up products is terribly the worst foundation. Women of age only need subtle cover and a lot of color. And getting the right foundation eliminates both tasks in an instant.
Concealing Imperfections
And by that we mean the art of applying the most powerful and flattering of all foundations. Gone are the days when you have to look like you have a dust of Spackle in your face. Concealers today are lighter and creamier, which comes in a variety of shades that are sure to match your shade.
But with a lot of shade options comes confusion – which shade should you choose and would end up like your second skin? The general rule: Pick one shade lighter than your natural tone, notes Laura Geller, makeup artist and owner of Laura Geller Make Up Studio in New York. Choose a product that it packed with a wand or comes in a pot, according to Geller. These concealers are essentially sheerer and lighter than stick concealers, which are notoriously known for looking chalky or too thick when applied.
Blush To Get That Glow
There are a lot of things to be thankful for as we get older. But the one thing that most of us will have difficulty accepting is the fact that our skin becomes more sallow with time. But with the right blush, women of age can get back the rosy glow that time has stole from them. The best blush color: Shop for warm shades that essentially contain more yellow than red.
Warm shades of pink and peach are essentially flattering for all women. If you are sporting some hints of gray, wearing warm shades of pink, plum, rose, and even mauve simply flatter all women, no matter what skin tone she

Mineral Makeup Foundation Recipes

Mineral makeup recipes are now widely available at your own disposal. Now, you have the chance to enjoy the benefits of natural makeup and the thrill (not to mention the savings!) of making one yourself. Below, we present some homemade makeup recipes for you to learn how to make your very own makeup.
Mineral Makeup Foundation RecipesMineral Makeup Foundation Recipes
Here are some interesting mineral makeup recipes to make your very own loose type foundation.
Mineral Makeup Recipe 1:
Here is one of the easiest mineral make up recipes you can use to create a brown tone mineral powder foundation:
  • Makeup Ingredients: 1/3 tsp titanium dioxide, 1/3 tsp boron nitride (or 1 tsp sericite), 1/3 tsp zinc oxide, 1 tsp facial silk, 3 tsps. white matte mica, 1/8 tsp chestnut brown mica, 1/2 tsp. chamomile matte mica, 1/16 tsp. red oxide #150, 1/32 tsp brown oxide
  • Instructions: Add in the ingredients one at a time, with careful and thorough blending after each addition. Add in the oxides a few grains at a time to get the color that best fits your skin tone. Blend the entire powder mixture for at least 3 minutes to make sure that everything is blended well and to prevent possible color streaking.
Mineral Makeup Recipe 2:
Here is another mineral makeup recipe to create a shimmery tan look:
  • Makeup Ingredients: 1/4 tsp. titanium dioxide, 1/4 tsp boron nitride (or 1 tsp sericite), 1/4 tsp. zinc oxide, 1 tsp facial silk, 3 tsps. white matte mica, 3 tsps. white matte mica, 1/4 tsp. chamomile matte mica, 1/16 tsp. red oxide, 1/16 tsp. cobalt blue mica, 1/16 tsp. brown oxide, 1 tsp. Arizona sandstone mica
  • Instructions: Follow the same instructions as above. You can achieve a matte mineral mica foundation by simply omitting the Arizona sandstone mica ingredient


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How to buy Eye Shadows

Make-up artist Humaa Tahir’s expert advice about buying eye shadows.
What are the five key things to look for when buying eye shadow?
It should be a creamy powder that one can apply with water. The colour texture of the eye shadow must match the skin tone and you should have different compact kits for day wear and evening wear. One must have a nice blending brush and finally – one must know how to apply eye shadow!
What colours should you own eye shadow in?
It depends on your personal choice but these colours are important: dark brown, black, silver, golden, aqua blue and brilliant green. You can blend most of them and have as many as 40 other eye shades with you.
What’s the worst fashion mistake people make with eye shadow?
When people don’t blend eye shadow properly.
Should you match eye shadow to your outfit?
Not necessarily – a contrast will do.
What are good brands that make eye shadow?
Etude, MAC is brilliant and Bobbi Brown is amazing. Locally, Atiqa Odho will do...LINK

Evening Make-Up Made Easy

For a radiant, glamorous effect, evening make-up should be deep and sophisticated. Subdued lighting allows you to play with colors and materials to create a chic, sublime look.


If you’re wearing a stunning evening dress, complement it with sophisticated make-up.
And for nights out clubbing or evenings at friends’ houses, add some color to your face and use evening make-up.

The right colors

For a glam look, go for make-up colors that suit your complexion. To accentuate your beauty, use a natural base.
Avoid: Unnatural/artificial colors that don’t tend to bring out your best, and blue and violet which can emphasise harsh lines and make you look older.


- Step 1: Flawless skin
To stand out in the shadows, you need a smooth, silky complexion. Go for liquid foundation and powder to even out and soften your skin tone. Then, using a large brush, apply an illuminator over your whole face to obtain a silky, luminous effect.
- 2nd step: Shimmering cheeks
Highlight your cheekbones with an amber-colored blusher that will subtly catch the light. Then apply a hint of blusher higher up on the contours of your face for a chiseled look.
- 3rd step: Velvet eyes
The eyes are important to evening make-up: they should be intense and sexy.
Colors: Choose dark eye shadows (deep grey, brown or black) in a creamy or pearlescent texture. Go for light-reflecting shadows to add shimmer.
Technique: Apply kohl along the base of the lashes to highlight the eyes. Then apply black pencil under your eye. Use a large brush to apply dark eye shadow in the small of the eyelid, then use a lighter eye shadow under the arch of the eyebrow.
The trick is to move from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Next, add a little eye shadow under the eye, at the level of the lashes. Finish off your eye make-up by applying voluminous black mascara to give depth and intensity to captivating eyes.
- 4th step: Glam lips
For after hours, coat your lips with ultra-feminine red lipstick for a show-stopping red carpet look à la Scarlett Johansson.
Color: For star appeal, choose an intense, deep red lipstick. Glosses and other lip shine products aren’t suited to evening wear because they don’t last long enough!
Technique: Highlight the edge of your lips with a well sharpened lip pencil that’s a shade darker than your lipstick. Next, use a lip brush to apply the lipstick, starting at the middle of your lips and working out towards the corners.
Dab your lips on a tissue and reapply a layer of lipstick to guarantee long-lasting hold. For a lacquered effect, apply a touch of gloss to the center of your lips for an ultra shiny, irresistible pout.
Glam touch
Show you’re the life and soul of the party by adding a touch of glitter to your eyelids and the tops of your cheekbones. You’ll dazzle all night long!
Fantasies permitted
Nights out and special occasions are the perfect opportunity to live out your make-up fantasies: fake eyelashes, stick-on jewels and glitter can all be part of your glam party look!

5 timeless beauty Dos

Trends come and trends go and this season you don’t want to be caught in public looking like last year (or worse, last … decade). While we think it’s cool to follow some trends, there are some timeless beauty rules that will get you through every season looking classy, no matter what coast you live on (or plain in between).

Beauty Do #1: Goodbye Helmet Head

No matter the trends, the less done your hair looks, the fresher you’ll look. If you curl your hair, finger comb out the curls ala ’50s pinups. If you opt for a bun on the back of the head, set it at the nape of the neck and let it get messy. If you’re off to a formal event, spend more time on your makeup and accessories and leave hair loose and sexy. Remember: Fancy, hair-sprayed ‘dos are terribly matronly and best left to your grandmother’s set.

Beauty Do #2: Contrasting eyes and mouth

Play up your eyes or your mouth, never both or you risk looking like a clown. Nude lips and smokey eyes are a great look. Or try red lips and light eyes (mascara and face powder only).

Beauty Do #3: Apply sunscreen every day no matter the weather

You’ve heard this preached enough, but it’s true. If you get into the habit of sunscreen application daily, you will thank yourself when you’re older and relatively lineless.
Can’t bother with too many lotions and potions? Consider a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. If you can’t stand looking pale, brush on a bronzer. At least it doesn’t smell like fake tanners.

Beauty Do #4: Layer fragrances and lipsticks

Sophisticated women know how to properly layer fragrances to create their own signature blends. How to do it? Take your favorite scent and layer a new one atop it. Try out several versions until you find your favorite blend.
According to French Elle, the safest way to blend is via citrus notes, which can be layered with floral, woodsy and amber-y fragrances.
You can do the same with lipsticks. Create your own shades with mattes and glosses. If you don’t like a shade, don’t throw it out, perfect one with other colors in your beauty drawer.

Beauty Do #5: Moisturize after every shower

Skin left un moisturized will itch, and itching (especially done when you’re not paying complete attention) can cause scabs, which in turn can scar. In the shower, make sure you exfoliate your body thoroughly with a body scrub (see my list of the best body scrubs) or washable loofah gloves. When you get out and dry off, slather on the moisturizer. See a list of my favorite moisturizers.

Sherwani Suits – Traditional Wedding Dress or Party Wear

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Nowadays its not only women who are casting impressions in a party but men are also running besides them in the race of style & fashion. These days men are casting their impressions wearing stunning sherwani suits that are meant for their body.
Sherwani suits are a long coat like garment worn over kutra and pajama and worn mostly in South Asia. It is traditionally associated with Northern Indian Muslim aristocracy. Sherwani suits originated in Indian subcontinent as court dress for the royals of India. Nowadays Sherwani suits are a special party or wedding dress for men.
Wearing sherwani suits in a party makes you stand out amongst the crowd and gives you royal look. Although business suits are also worn by men on different occasions but the aura created by sherwani suits is something beyond explanation. Sherwani suits are available in different styles and colors to suit you, but the choices can be difficult because every sherwani suit has its own grace and beauty. Here are some designer sherwani suits to make up your mind before you goto  buy one.
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