Japanese Nail Art

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Japanese Nail Art
Japanese nail art is the most exquisite and unique form of nail art. It is clearly over the top for lot of women out there. But when it comes to creativity there is no limit to it. Japanese nail artists are amazingly creative and passionate about their art work. This nail art started off in Japan somewhere in min 90 s and became popular all over the world later on. The extensions sued are not like the normal nail extensions they are around 2 inches long and fixed on your nail tip.
You can even have Japanese nail art on your natural nail directly. Such long nail extensions are quite quirky and unimaginable for many women but when you look at the creativity and appeal of the designs you are taken aback. Japanese nail art is not only popular in Japan but also getting momentum in US and UK where women love to experiment with their looks unlike Pakistani women though. Let’s not get into what Pakistani women can do and can’t do. I just want to appreciate and acknowledge this amazing form of art.
There are different techniques involved in this art form. Artists can fix an artificial nail on your natural nails and start creating their designs by hand work or air brush technique. A hand work or freehand technique takes around 2 or 3 hours but the design u get is absolutely amazing and out of the box. Designs they create vary from patterns to rhinestones and glitters. You can also get a nail chip already designed by an artist and fix it on your nail. Japanese nail art is quite intriguing and appealing for an art lover but are difficult to maintain though.
You can’t do your normal chores with it but such an exclusive form of nail art is not for casuals and weak hearted. It is meant for special occasions and people with extraordinary love for this art form. Japanese nail art is not popular in Pakistan as many people don’t even know about it and many women will stick to their normal French manicure rather than this form of nail art. I hope these art forms take it s place in Pakistan as well as it is so amazing and exclusive.
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