Nail Art

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nail Art
Nail art is a very unique and interesting way to accessories your look and add glam to your personality. Healthy and fine nails are not only significance of your good health but also can be used as a fashion statement. You can paint your nails in any way you like depending on your outfit or your personal mood. Well trimmed and fine long nails are best for nail art. You can start with nail art at home by using a nail art kitwhich includes a thin nail brush and nail colors. Nail brush is used aesthetically and gently on your nails to create variety of designs. You can use various designs which are found on the internet or create your own.
You can use artificial nails for nail art if you don’t have fine long nails. Many salons are offering nail art service but you can easily do it at your home using variety of nail colors. Glitters can be added to make your nails look more glamorous and eye catching.
Variety of nail art stickers are found in the market in the form of flowers, stars and many other shapes. French manicure is also kind of a nail art in which only your nail tip is painted white and a clear nail protector is applied on your nails to prevent the nail color from withering off. French manicures are a hit in woman of all ages and categories. A clear nail polish is always applied on your nails after applying nail art stickers. This nail polish keeps your stickers from withering off.
Brides can enhance their toes and hands by accessorizing them with nail art. Pierced toe nails with nail rings are also very popular among teenagers. You can also attach little gems on your toe nails for special occasions. Protective clear nail enamel is always applied on your nails to protect your nails and the design applied. Various nail art pens are found in the market to create variety of designs on your nails by free hand nail decorating.
So whether you decorate your hand nails or toe nails with nail paint brushes it always make you stand out and enhances your personal style statement. Keep your nails healthy and clean and accessories them with colors and stickers, create your own designs or follow different designs in magazines or the internet. Nail art is a great way to express your personal style statement and add glam to your outfit.
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