Hairstyle Tips for Asian Brides

Monday, June 28, 2010

Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. For months before the wedding, she will spend large amounts of money trying to get the right shape and make her skin look perfect. Wedding dresses are usually made on order and all accessories hand picked to match. The bride has to look like she has never before and most brides would go to any length to ensure the same.

However, very often, in all the planning, one thing that is overlooked is the hairstyle that would suit the bride. This is a big mistake and at the last moment little option is left but to let the beautician do whatever best she possibly can. How the bride’s hair looks and what style it’s arranged in is very important for the overall look. In fact, along with exercising and improving skin tone, in the months preceding the wedding, the bride-to-be should also get hair treatments done. In fact, if a bride can, she should always consult a professional hair stylist on how to further improve the texture of her hair.

So how does one get the best possible hairstyle for their wedding and the numerous functions that go before and after it?

1. To begin with, talk to a hair stylist as soon as the date for your wedding has been finalized. This consultation is important so that the stylist can check your hair for any damage that needs to be taken care of and initiate any treatments it might need. This way, your hair will be perfect and healthy, ready for any hairstyle you might want for your wedding day.

2. Discuss with your stylist what hair styles suit you and make you look your best.

3. Talk to your stylist about the kind of hair style(s) you’re looking for. This should be based on the clothes you’re wearing for the different functions – so that the hair and clothes compliment each other. For example: A high neck with hair pulled up.

4. Once you know what hairstyle you’d like for your wedding, get a trial done. This way, both you and your stylist will know what the end result should be like and if you really do like how it looks. This is important so that you’re not unpleasantly surprised on wedding day.

5. If you want to get your hair cut, don’t do it right before the wedding, because it doesn’t get time to settle in properly. Give it at least a couple of weeks. However, discuss with your stylist before getting anything done.

6. If all your hairstyles are ones that need to be tied up or have complicated braids etc, it’s always best to leave your hair long.

7. Plan on getting your hair colored? Do it several months before the actual wedding so that it settles in properly and looks as natural as it can. It would also give you a chance to try a different shade if you don’t like your new hair color.

8. If possible, try and get a full trial with complete hairstyle and makeup, so that you get an idea of what you will look like on the final day.

9. Avoid any drastic makeovers right before your wedding. Experiment if you have to at least 2-3 months before the wedding so that you don’t have to do any damage control at the last minute.

10. Don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding. Do it the day before because freshly washed hair tends to be tricky for hair styling.

Finally, eat healthy and be happy – so that your hair is healthy and looks its best on your important day. Accessories your hair style with what matches your outfit. You can use fresh flowers, crystals, hair pins etc.


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Attractive Long Hairstyles Showcase

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The eternally beautiful crowning glory of long healthy female hair styles...

What are the new long hairstyles?

Kristin Cavallari (21) loves long hair and she's the go-to girl for hot long celebrity hairstyles inspiration. Copied by girls across America and maybe further, Kristin is sometimes straight and sometimes wavy. Here her locks are stick-straight, layered, and wonderful viewed from the back; this photo was taken on her 21st Birthday in 2008!

Becki Newton (30) in July 2008 having a blast filming Ugly Betty in New York City. Becki has hot really long wavy hair. The huge waves look amazing and the color mix is fantastic, too. Looks as if she is probably wearing hair extensions (see texture of piecey curls at the bottom). It is a top summer / beach hairstyle. View Kerastase hair products.

April Scott (29) in early 2008 with beautiful long hair. It has a few layers here and there. The dark blonde and light copper colors are really attractive and well blended.

Alison Sweeney (26) with pretty curls that rock. Strong angles help create dimension and movement. The blond highlights add depth and style. Long and luscious hair looks very flattering for the blue-eyed soap star. Alison has never looked better than she did with this sexy hair design.

Kate Beckinsale (31) with glamorous long hair. This was her style for an evening and it looks amazing for an everyday look. Highlighted curls are very pretty when your hair is this long. What helps makes it look so hot is the combination of waves and curls with the former at the top and the latter at the bottom, plus the natural transition between the two textures.

Black-and-white photo of long curly hairstyle without bangs. This girl has a uniform design with the same length and texture consistency everywhere. That helps make it neat and more professional.

Brunette hair model with thick long layered hair. Volume is amazing and soft waves are sexy. Flips help a lot, too. She has a relatively small head, though, which helps make hair look bigger.

Celebrity wearing long black hair extensions with round bangs and a wine-colored evening dress. Good volume and it only needs a little work with a large-barrel curling iron to style. Eyelash-length fringe could be cut a little for a sharper finish. Sides could be broken up a bit, too, because they look kind of clumpy.

Picture of teen girl with bright blonde highlights in dark brown hair. This modern color and style looks casual enough for every day and hot enough for a night out clubbing or whatever. High-contrast haircolor and eye makeup makes a strong look that will get you noticed.

Jessica Alba with a gorgeous long highlighted hairstyle that is wavy and layered. Parted and partial soft bangs complement the rest of her style. One of the easiest natural-looking long hairstyles for young women with brown hair. Jessica is a popular celebrity for style inspiration whether she has long or short hair.

Barbara Mori

Nicollette Sheridan

Excellent photo of perfect long female hair. This high-resolution shot shows you a first-rate hair design that is red and golden blonde on top and has light brown underneath. It is straight from the root to the shoulders and has some big curls on the ends. Very fine shine!

Natural, healthy teenage girl with long layered locks. She has the classic look of a large, soft wave that kisses her cheek on one side, and then is styled into big, soft curls. Multitonal haircoloring style is very pretty, too, partly because the low-contrast or subtle color range.

Creative teen haircoloring for girls with long hair. Just over half is golden blonde; the other half is medium brown. This teen has flipped the traditional look by choosing brown for face-framing highlights instead of blonde. The sudden color change at the back is extreme but okay if you want something a little different. The hairstyle itself is pretty cool because of the great length and lightly teased or slightly messy texture. You can see some contrast between fine and coarse hair.

Young Hispanic woman with caramel streaks in her very dark brown hair. It's a good relaxed look for girls with curls.

High-key image of pretty Latin lady who has sexy long hair. The subtle haircoloring which lightened her locks looks terrific! The big curls at the ends are tantalizing and the soft, angled, wispy faux fringe adds a romantic, flirty touch. She's the mane attractions--and it looks like she knows it!

Multitonal long hairstyle with large gorgeous wave at the end. The model also appears to be wearing a black newsboy cap backwards. Even though you can't see all of her hair, what you can see is kept together in simply elegant fashion and quite memorable.

Beautiful hairstyle for pre-teen girls with long hair. It is lightly lightened and wickedly wavy. Somehow this child's hair looks older than her but not too many kids would complain if they could get their hair to look this good. (Adults, too!)

Fashion or Karzzzz -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion and Karzzzz releasing this Friday worldwide.

Fashion movie posterFashion, starring Priyanka Chopra, Arjan Bajwa, Mugdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan, Harsh Chhaya, Sameer Soni, Kangna Ranaut, Kitu Gidwani, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar and the film budget worth 20 Crores. The music is composed by Salim-Sulaiman. The lyrics are by Sandeep Nath and Irfan Siddique. Fashion is about two girls. Where one girl comes from a small town and becomes a leading model and another girl who is a model but suffers a wardrobe malfunction. “Fashion” explores the world of style through the emotional personal journey of the key people that make the industry - the models, designers, photographers, businessmen, and the agencies.

Karzzzz, the remake of the 1980s superhit “Karz” which starred: Rishi Kapoor, Simi Garewal and Tina Munim in the lead role and now the film stars Himesh Reshammiya ( the Indian Bollywood film music composer, singer and actor), and Urmila Matondkar, directed by Satish Kaushik. Himesh plays the lead character of Monty which was played by Rishi Kapoor. Karzzz is about reincarnation. The ninety per cent of the film completed in South Africa in forty days. Himesh Reshammiya composed the film’s music. Would Ranbir Kapoor be a better choice or Himesh Reshammiya?

Fashion movie poster

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