Vitamins for Hair Growth

Friday, December 31, 2010

Every woman wants to look beautiful and hair plays a very vital role in the overall beauty of every individual. In order to get shiny and long healthy hair, many of us use expensive and sophisticated methods, but the fact is that long and healthy hair requires good and thorough attention. Diet is also very important for healthy and long hair.
Whatever we eat is very important for the hair careas this food is the source of providing all essential and required nutrients to different parts of the body including hair. You must eat a diet which is rich in proteins like eggs, liver, fish and carrots etc.
The main reason for the hair loss is bad diet. If you are eating food which does not contain Vitamin B and minerals like Zinc, Sulphur etc, it will result in hair loss. So you must eat food which contains essential vitamins and minerals as it will help the circulation in your scalp and result in improved hair growth naturally.
Following vitamins are required for natural hair growth:
vitamin A:
This Vitamin is important as it helps to produce Sebum in the scalp, which prevents dryness, dandruff and thin hair. If you have dry skin, thin hair or dandruff, you are going to lose your hair easily. So eat food which contains Vitamin A like Oranges, Carrots, Mangoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Vitamin B:
This Vitamin helps to maintain the health and beauty of hair by providing oxygen to scalp through haemoglobin digestion in the body. You must consume Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 for healthy hair. The food like cereals, Chicken, Beef, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Bananas, Beans and Pork Chops contain Vitamin B. The natural sources of Folic Acid are Papaya, Asparagus, Lentil and Peas.
Vitamin C:
This is the most important and a must Vitamin which helps to develop Collagen to give strength to hair. Food like Guava, Orange, Kiwi and Red Pepper are good sources of Vitamin C.
Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is required for the circulation of blood in scalp and food like Almond, cereals, Soybean Oil, Sunflower and Corn Oil are good sources of Vitamin E....LINK

Hair Growing Tips

Maximize Your Hair Growing Potential

Gorgeous Long Hair
The number one question that I receive through the AskKaren column is how to make hair grow faster.
Many people write to tell me they are in a hair growing hurry because they are getting married, going to a Prom, meeting the future in-laws or fill in the blanks.
They want me to advise them how to grow their hair from short to long in a matter of just weeks.
Note:  Although you might see similar articles as this, unfortunately many Web hair copycat sites have illegally "lifted" content from this original article and slightly "rewritten it" to avoid copyright issues.  Please note that this original article first appeared in 2001 and has been constantly updated.  It is the original article.
As many of you know, I'm going to tell you the truth, as I know it, about hair.  So the answer to "instant hair growth" is that there isn't any.  
There is no magic bullet.  If you want to go from a short Bob to long flowing locks instantly than you do have some options, but depending on a variety of factors, they may be limited. Your best bet for overnight long hair is to consider hair extensions, clip on ponytails or long wigs. 
Yes, there are lots of things that can maximize the potential of your hair growing cycle but it is absolute folly to imagine that you can go to bed one night with shoulder length hair and the next day wake up with a new inch of growth.
There are some very rare exceptions, but most hair on most people is genetically programmed to grow a maximum of 6 inches a year. 
There are some people like Crystal Gayle who obviously grow hair at a much faster rate than the average human soul.  However, she is definitely the exception and not the rule.

About Vitamins To Grow Hair Longer Faster

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Do you want to improve your hair dull, thin, and fragile hair? This amazing long hair growth breakthrough not only grows hair faster, it gives new hair increased shine, body, and resilience. The average scalp hair grows half an inch a month. If you aren't getting the proper nutrition the growth can be even less. We shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. Abusing hair can cause us to shed faster and shorten the length of our hair through breakage. By improving the health of new growth you reduce shedding and breaking. To get the optimum results from your Intense Grow experience consult our tips for growing long hair page.
Here's how it works: Our hair needs vitamins and proteins to grow. When our body lacks what it needs our hair and skin suffer first. When we have the right balance our hair thrives and can grow at it'soptimum level. Your hair is composed mostely of keratin protein. Without protein your hair health and growth will diminish. That is why Intense Grow is loaded with all of the essential amino acids (proteins) to ensure your hair grows long and fast! For more details see our list of ingredients. So why wait? You won't find a better more affordable hair vitamin out there! Encourage hair growth and Buy Intense Grow today! To make sure your hair reaches it's optimum potential, consult our tips to make hair grow faster. Better yet, become a member and never pay for shipping again!

How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly apply stick foundation make upStick foundations are very easy to apply and very comfortable. Stick foundations are cream-to-powder foundations that come in stick form. With the coverage of a liquid and the precision of a concealer the foundation stick is appropriate for normal to oily skin types, but i don’t recommend it for those women with sensitive and dry skin. The best advantage of the stick foundation is that it can be also used as a concealer when applied over to problem areas and imperfections. Stick foundations provide full coverage and a matte finish, hide blemishes, scars, discolorations and brown spots. Most of these foundations contain sunscreens and moisturizing ingredients. A stick foundation glides on effortlessly and stays on for 7 /8 hours. The stick system provides precise application and even touch-ups.

1 Step Cleanse and tone your face
Always apply foundation to a cleansed and toned skin. Use a mild cleanser appropriate for your skin and cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all the impurities and oils that have accumulated during the night. Tone your skin with a toner that suits your skin.
2 Step Moisturize your skin 
Always moisturize your skin before applying the foundation even if your skin is oily. The first step when applying makeup is the application of appropriate moisturizer according to your skin type. It will improve your skin quality and act as a protective layer to help trap the moisture in the skin and stop it from evaporation.
3 Step Apply the stick foundation 
Roll up the tube and make sure the tip appears slightly above the container level. You can stroke the top of the stick with your fingers or apply the stick directly to your face. Roll the stick foundation over your face – foreheads, cheeks, nose and chin and blend carefully. Pay attention to areas where foundation tends to collect. Don’t forget to apply foundation to the neck, especially if you are using darker shade of foundation otherwise your face will look like a mask and unnatural. Make sure everything blends together and looks the same. Blend out to your hair and jaw line until the foundation vanishes. There should be no hard lines or patches.
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Recommended products:
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly loreal stick foundation long wearing make up
Loreal Quick Stick Long Wearing Foundation ($14.60) – stick foundation that offers the natural looking coverage of a liquid, the precision of a concealer, and the finished look of a powder in a portable, convenient stick. Smooth, seamless, precise coverage Quick Stick is makeup transformed.
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly sheseido stick foundation make up
Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foudation SPF30 ($19.40) – Guard against powerful UVA/UVB rays as it provides a sheer natural finish. Stick-type formula glides on for a smooth look. Very water-resistant. Perspiration-resistant.
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly bobbi brown foundation stick make up
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick ($38) – designed for portability and adjustable coverage. Easy to apply and blend all over the face or just where you need it.
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly laura mercier stick foundation make up
Laura Mercier Stick Foundation SPF 15 ($40) – an oil-free, water-resistant foundation that moisturizes and hydrates the skin while offering an even application for a flawless finish. The creamy, medium-coverage foundation glides on effortlessly leaving a luxurious, luminous finish.
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly estee lauder stick foundation make up
EstГ©e Lauder Minute Makeup Creme Stick Foundation SPF 15 ($32.50) – This fresh, creamy formula provides the lightness and comfort of a liquid foundation in a portable, precision stick. Glides on effortlessly, stays on 6-8 hours. Great for touch-ups or fast, full-face makeup.

How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly clarins stick foundation make up
Clarins Smart Stick Foundation ($32.50) – The first long-lasting, non-transfer foundation in a stick. For all skin types. Smart Stick Foundation is ideal for women who want a practical foundation they can slip in their handbag for quick touch-ups. The light texture provides long-lasting, natural coverage.
How To Apply Stick Foundation Properly chanel stick foundation make up
Chanel Teint Cristallin Stick Waterlights Sheer Makeup Stick ($40) – Semi-matte stick foundation. Unifies your complexion with light coverage. Water-based texture glides over your skin. Gives a real sensation of freshness and immediate comfort.

Making Your Makeup Last longer

eye and lips are the two most important points of the face and they should be enhanced with particular care so they become a showstopper.
Makeup is used to make your beautiful face look even more beautiful and enhance the good features of your face and make you look more attractive.
Following are some tips for beautiful eyes lips makeup. Nothing is bad than having your makeup melts or fades throughout the day. So follow the advice to help your makeup last all day.
  • Apply a primer for elegant eyes eye makeup.
  • Applying primer before your foundation will help set your beautiful eyes lips makeup. It also creates a hurdle between your skin and your cosmetics. Therefore the oils of your skin won't break up themakeup and cause creasing.
  • Use powder for beautiful eyes lips makeup.
  • Use a powder puff or big brush to add a light dusting of translucent powder to your beautiful eyes lips makeup. The powder will set your makeup and give you a perfect finish.
  • Set your eye makeup for elegant eyes eye makeup.
  • Apply eye shadow primer or pressed powder to your eyelid before applying any eye shadow for elegant eyes eye makeup. This base will stop your eye shadow from creasing or melting.
  • Fill up in your lips.
  • To make your lipstick last much longer, line your lips with a lip pencil and then fill in your full lips with the liner. Apply a matte lipstick, and after that blot your lips with a tissue. Add a second coat of lipstick in a more glossy lipstick.

Sareez collection

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saree | Indian Saree Collection 2010 - 2011 | Indian Saree Designs

Saree is cultural dress of India so in Saree Design collection India is Leading Saree manufacturing country and always introduced superb Saree collections every year. Saree dress is not only wears as home cultural dress in India but also introduced different categories of sarees like wedding sarees, Formal sarees, Eid SareeValentine Sarees and many other events. In different events girls preferred fancy, embroidered and sparkling Saree designs. Here we are going to share some fabulous Indian Saree collection 2010- 2011

It may be a Indian Anarkali Saree in 2010 design collection. Dotted Sarees are also Indian cultural old fashion  but here the Indian Saree Designer gives some stylish look with gotta lace patti. IndianAnarkali Dresses are always recognize with Anakrkali Neckline. This Anarkali Saree Blouse in wide square neck-line is looking beautiful.

It's a sparkling Indian saree in shoulder-less blouse. This is decorated with beautiful contrast floral designs. These types of Indian sarees are mostly wore at Indian wedding function. This Fancy saree with beautiful shoulder-less blouse is designed according to the current fashion 2010.2011.

Vee Neckline blouse is one of the trendy blouse style in Indian Saree collection 2010-2011 which is becoming most adoptable fashion in India. These types of sarees are mostly wearing as formal dress. The saree pattern is following the traditional Mughal culture.

It's a Fancy saree style for wedding and Eid Events. This saree contain traditional colors of India. These types of sharp and dark colors are wearing in parties.

Bridal dresses has its own grace. This bridal lehnga may also in form of saree with beautiful embroideries. The Maroon color is highly appreciate as a bridal dress. This Lehnga is in traditional straight line style with short blouse and a stylish pallu.

These types of Indian Sarees are mostly wore by Indian mature girls (Strong age girls) as party wear. The neckline of blouse and saree colors are designed according to the latest Indian Cultural trend.

Indian transparent saree culture is introduced by Indian celebrities and ever seen in celebrity parties. This transparent Saree may also designed by following the celebrity Saree fashion. The saree has multi-color designs mostly in black and maroon. This design is a pure Indian traditional culture.
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