Vitamins for Hair Growth

Friday, December 31, 2010

Every woman wants to look beautiful and hair plays a very vital role in the overall beauty of every individual. In order to get shiny and long healthy hair, many of us use expensive and sophisticated methods, but the fact is that long and healthy hair requires good and thorough attention. Diet is also very important for healthy and long hair.
Whatever we eat is very important for the hair careas this food is the source of providing all essential and required nutrients to different parts of the body including hair. You must eat a diet which is rich in proteins like eggs, liver, fish and carrots etc.
The main reason for the hair loss is bad diet. If you are eating food which does not contain Vitamin B and minerals like Zinc, Sulphur etc, it will result in hair loss. So you must eat food which contains essential vitamins and minerals as it will help the circulation in your scalp and result in improved hair growth naturally.
Following vitamins are required for natural hair growth:
vitamin A:
This Vitamin is important as it helps to produce Sebum in the scalp, which prevents dryness, dandruff and thin hair. If you have dry skin, thin hair or dandruff, you are going to lose your hair easily. So eat food which contains Vitamin A like Oranges, Carrots, Mangoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Vitamin B:
This Vitamin helps to maintain the health and beauty of hair by providing oxygen to scalp through haemoglobin digestion in the body. You must consume Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 for healthy hair. The food like cereals, Chicken, Beef, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Bananas, Beans and Pork Chops contain Vitamin B. The natural sources of Folic Acid are Papaya, Asparagus, Lentil and Peas.
Vitamin C:
This is the most important and a must Vitamin which helps to develop Collagen to give strength to hair. Food like Guava, Orange, Kiwi and Red Pepper are good sources of Vitamin C.
Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is required for the circulation of blood in scalp and food like Almond, cereals, Soybean Oil, Sunflower and Corn Oil are good sources of Vitamin E....LINK

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