The Glow Purse

Friday, February 5, 2010

Did you know that the average European woman spends around 14.3 hours in a year to look for objects in her bag?

I think I'm one of them! Out of habit and necessity I tend to carry a lot in my Big Bag and am often lost when it comes to finding things on time.. like looking for change, or particular item of makeup or a particular phone number I just happened to scribble and put in the sac.

Imagine our bags were glowing once we opened them and we can find everything right away!

Imagine no more, as it is now a reality. Merry Kawamura Ganjavian is a Spanish Design Collective of three young designers based in Madrid, Spain, who have developed lots of exciting projects during their many travels around the world.

One of their most interesting is the “Glow Purse,” which is an illuminated handbag. The technology is based on micro-LEDs (LUMENs) that are integrated in the inner lining of the bag and help it glow when opened. This lightning mechanism can be switched on manually and is easily rechargeable in your house with a base or operated with a small exchangeable battery.

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