Gold Jewelry

Monday, February 1, 2010
Gold Jewelry


Gold Jewelry we will able to see it every where,as long as we can see Gold Jewelry all the time will never goes out of style,and there is a good reason for that,because when the human being found the gold it become a issue in our life.
What we know that when we get pure gold it doesn't react with other elements,what we should do with gold is to start to work with the gold and the residue of it and start to make from it to Jewelry.


What we should know is that when we start to work with gold we can make it into nearly any shape,and it include make it to tiny strands.when we start to design gold we can manipulated the gold to any kind of shape that we desire.

Here you can read how we make the gold karat and the difference.


When we look at gold we can notice that there is a few kind of gold karat 24k,18k,14k and 12k.
when you get the big percent of pure gold then the price of the gold Jewelry will be much more expensive.The word karat derives from the Italian word carato, meaning the full fruit of the carob tree. The seeds of the carob fruit were once used to balance the scales in Wayne gems in gold at Oriental bazaars..

so what is contain pure karat.what we know is that the 24k is the most pure gold,while others like 18k gold contains 18 parts gold and with other 6 kind of parts of metals that making it into 75% of gold.and when we stat to look at the other kind of gold karat we can see that the percent of pure gold is going down, if we will notice 12k contain 12 parts of gold parts that making it to 50% of pure gold.

20090929-cash for gold.jpg

So we ask our shelf why we mixed metals with gold?
the main reason when we mixed it is that we can get other kind of color of this reason we can see a wide range of gold Jewelry and a large color like white gold or nickel.but as you know when we start to mixed the gold it lose of its pure.You'll find examples of pure gold jewelry, but pure gold is soft and isn't practical for daily wear. Other metals are mixed with it to make it more durable.

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