Dark and Wild Nail Design

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This nail design was uploaded by one of our members. The design is completely one of a kind. It was created with the artist’s greatest imagination. One will never be bored of wearing this nail design. You can check out other works by this member by going to our community. You can become a member of our community by registering here. Registration is very easy follow and will be able to learn and share your interests with other people all over the world.

nail-poster2-lr_300_1_-239x327 Alot of people are curious about how you get the money design on your nails. Some nail salons do this design, while other dont. This design is acutally not hard to do and it look extremely nice after it is being applied. The idea of this design is to cut out small pieces of the dollar bil and place it on top of the acrylic nails. Once the design are in place all you have to do is apply gel cout to them. In addition to money, some people use candy brands, starburst, and other forms of wrapper.

Spring Flowers Nail Design

A gorgeous piece of art for the season of spring.

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