Designer Collection | The latest collection from Traditions

Friday, February 5, 2010

Traditions are a London-based fashion retailer of Asian designer wear clothes, they often advertise in Asiana Magazine, so you might have seen some of these before - but for everyone else, here are some pieces from their latest designer collection:

What is most striking about these first 3 outfits is the dark colours. Whilst I still love bright and over the top colors, it's nice to see something a bit more subtle, theseoutfits have simply sophisticated look about them.

Not everyone can get away with wearing short strapless corsets like the promo models in the pics but I'm pretty certain that Traditions can customize!

Here are another two outfits which show a more glamorous side to the collection

I really love this last outfit, it's the detailing on the top and the way the skirt falls looks good too!.
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