: Gold Necklace

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gold Necklace


What we know about gold necklace and what does we think about it.as we look at the beauty of gold necklaces we can see that gold necklace have never been failed if some one receive it as a gift.

As we know that gold can be yellow or white.if we will look of each color we can see that each color have a unique attractiveness that each of gold necklace get a unique style.as long as we can see that in the past the society make and prefer the gold necklace to become a unique jewelry that have been shown in specific status.


Most of the women prefer to wear gold necklace than gold rings because this unique gold necklace is can be seen much more then gold rings.


so what we prefer.if we will have to choose her is some method about the gold.


white gold can be sometimes preferred in styles that incorporate colored gemstones as it sets out the gem stone clearly.however the yellow gold is better known than the white gold.


So what we can say about the gold.gold is measured in carats and the higher the number the higher the purity and the beauty of the gold.so if we will take foe example 14k white gold necklace is worth, or should be worth less than 18k gold necklace but it is not a rule set in stone, the cost of a piece will depend on other gemstones that may be used on it. The less carat value means less purity and less percentage of gold in the piece.


But if we will read we will able to know that gold is a soft metal and has to be blended with stronger metals to stay resistant.The beauty of gold necklaces has never failed to please those who receive it as a gift.
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