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Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Dressing for the office can be such a headache. You don’t want to look too stern, too boring, too colourful, too revealing, skirt or pants, long or short, jacket or sleeveless. The choices are limited and the places to buy the clothes are limited. Instead of wearing your favourite Forever21 orange tank top under your suit, why not wear a dress? (1 less item to wash) Or a puff-sleeved skirt with a swirl skirt? Or shirt in high-waisted skirt?

It was a challenge but I managed to find some looks on that I would wear to work/meet a client/go for roadshow. Some dresses are pushing the limit, but maybe for casual Fridays? Office wear should not be boring, because we spend more than 50% of our lives in the office. Dress confidently and looking good will make your day better. Black is a staple, but don’t make your wardrobe looks like it’s meant for Batgirl (hint all black). Accentuate your outfit with interesting accessories or shoes. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, but you don’t want to look like you are going for a funeral everyday (though it feels like it on some days)

The Coat

We don’t get much of a chance to wear these in Singapore, but if I am working in a temperature country, I will definitely wear coats like the ones below. A bit girly, yet abit long to hide the big rear end. Such cutting of the coat is also known as mac – a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric




The Pants

Good pants need to be well-fitted, of the right length and preferably stretch material around the thighs. If not, try wide trousers. But beware, they can make short people look even shorter if the pants are too wide. Cropped pants paired with tuxedo jacket and heels can also make a girl look smart yet approachable at the same time. Great look for those in creative industries.





The Top

The basic white top can goes with pants, skirts, vests and jackets. Hence it’s also another staple in every working girl’s wardrobe. It shouldn’t be in cream colour but white. And make sure not to wear white shirts that has been yellowed with age ’cause they look very unsightly. In addition, no coloured bras under white shirts because it will look very revealing and is of poor taste. Instead wear skin-coloured lingerie.



The Skirt

There are pencil skirts, A-line skirts, high waisted skirts, swirl skirts available in office wear. I find that ladies wearing skirts can look very feminine, but only in the right cut which doesn’t accentuate their rear end or the length of the skirt ends off strangely after the knee. In recent times, another cutting of the skirt is also making a comeback – the tulip skirt like the one below. It adds abit of poof around the hips but ends off tightly at the end forming a tulip silhouette.




The Dress

The 1st couple of dresses have hemlines ending just above the knee, and are mostly suitable when meeting clients. They make you look professional and yet not too serious. The last couple of dresses are easily transformed from day to night look because they are cute, girly and yet still suitable for a semi-casual office environment.











Now if you really like to invest in a good suit which also double up as a symbol of status, invest in the Chanel tweed jacket which starts from $9830. It flatters everyone despite of age. Though there is many variations each season, the one you bought decades ago will never look dated.


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