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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Always discuss your bridal style with your hairdresser so she
may give you exactly the look you want.

Fixing the veil!

HELP! i can't decide on a hairstyle...!
ok, so choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day isn't exactly rocket science, so why is it soooooo difficult?! you want to look like you just stepped out of Hello magazine, but need a little bit of help. well you may have come to the right place....

get some ideas
start by getting some ideas from the internet or start collecting pictures from magazines. be realistic - is your hair straight / thick / long enough for the style you like? select several photos to show the stylist at your trial and ask her to try each of them out. be open to new ideas and any advice she gives you.

styling by Moving Make-upup or down? choose a style that will suit your face shape - round faces suit high "updo's" and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume. heart and oval faces suit just about anything - lucky you!

to determine your face shape, stand in front of a mirror with a lip liner in hand. draw around the shape of your face onto the mirror. your face may be a combination of shapes - i.e.. long and heart, or triangle and round, just to make things more confusing....

would you be comfortable with all your hair pulled away from your face? consider having some hair up and some down, or leaving wispy bits around your face to soften. if you have a low-cut or off-the-shoulder dress will you feel comfortable with a little flesh exposed?

curly or straight?
once you have decided to wear you hair up or down, the possibilities are endless. curls are soft and romantic, pleats are sophisticated & classical, braids are funky.... or perhaps you prefer more contemporary spikes and twists. try to reflect your personality in your bridal hairdo, whilst feeling comfortable with the style.

tiara's and veilpin your veil in like this. Hair by Moving Make-up
these should compliment your hairstyle but not hide it. if you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be sturdy enough to hold it's shape until you take the veil off.

some veils look better sat at the back of the head under a mass of curls or a bun. if you have a french pleat (or chignon) it is easier to pin the veil in front. as a rule, the hair shouldn't be worn longer than the veil.

tiara's come in a variety of styles, make sure the size complements your hair-do, it is always wise to have trial-run with your hairdresser.

beads, jewels, flowers & fascinators
any of these are always popular as they add extra sparkle and colour and can tie in with your colour scheme. pins and hair-grips with sparkling gems in the ends have a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst curls or wired to a comb to flatter a french pleat.

pre-wedding trial
always have a trial well in advance of your wedding. your hair may need to grow longer for your desired style, so you can always have another trial nearer to your wedding day.

choosing a hairdresser
many hair salons provide a bridal hairstyling service, so please ask your regular salon.
if you prefer to have your hair styled in your home or hotel on you big day, you will need to find a mobile hairdresser.

~ always ask to see a certificate from the Hairdressing Board of W.A.
~ check they are definitely available on your wedding date
~ ask to see a portfolio of their work and comments from previous clients
~ always have a trial-run at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding

for details of mobile hairdressers covering the Perth Southern suburbs, please email victoria here

wedding hair checklist

1. have a trial run with your stylist as soon as your wedding date is set. if possible, take along a photo of your dress, and any headpiece or hair accessories.

2. find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the colour or have some highlights. Enquire about extensions if you would like a longer style than your natural hair length.

3. unless you are having a blow-dry, never shampoo or condition your hair on the day. instead, wash it the night before running some mousse through before drying. if you are wearing your hair up, secure it in a high pony tail at bedtime.

4. on the day of the wedding make sure the bridal party wear button or zip-up clothes. no crew neck tops! this will ensure you don't mess up your style...
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