Fashion Earrings

Friday, March 18, 2011

If you prefer punk simple, elegant, couture, or a little glow, the perfect pair of earrings can be the perfect complement to any outfit for women. When it comes to choosing the type of movement for women but many buyers are unaware that certain types of ear rings best with certain face shapes. And here is a practical guide to help you determine what types of sets of ear rings rather the shape of the face have been completed.

The first round of the longest side, heart

If your face is rather long and narrow, that you are beautiful earrings, pendants to avoid long. These types of earrings fashion for women only make your face look even longer and thinner. Instead, select or fixed with more volume, especially at the bottom. drop earrings with molds or ball, are excellent ways to improve the appearance of the face. This type of earrings for a good heart-shaped face, which tends to wider at the top and narrows a small chin.

Slim a round face

For a round face, long earrings with a stylish and less bulky look slim in the face. Women who want to spend on a round face should avoid, rings or other types of round earrings. This is prone to circles and rings to draw the eye horizontally and face still round. In contrast, tend to attract more watchful eye on a vertical line to make the appearance of a round face, thinner extended.

Minimize a larger area or Plaza

Wide or square faces can be complemented by subtle curves slope systems. Earrings oval, detailed rings and earrings, of medium length with round bales are the styles that tend to complement these face shapes. Women with this face shape should avoid too long earrings or bulky. Earrings with a waterfall and find burn patients are especially flattering to the shape of the face width.

Oval faces

Oval faces are well balanced, and almost any type of tilt can be used with this face shape of women, although oval earrings set in an oval face tear tend to fill very well. While there are endless possibilities in terms of style earrings are, the clock is important to consider the relative balance between the size of the earrings the size of the area. Striking looking too stiff big step well on a small woman with a small face. Similarly, older women face more steeply for a balanced look.
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