Bridal Lehenga Choli

Friday, March 4, 2011

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Indian bridal dresses are looked upon as the most alluring and most colorful in the entire world. On the wedding day, the Indian bride wants to look her finest when all eyes are set on her. The  is bought with a lot of concern. For a bride, herbridal dress is her highest priority. As before sari was the solitary dress worn by brides, today another option has come up in the form of bridal lehenga cholis. Bridal Lehngasare a great bang nowadays and are being widely liked everywhere. They are very catchy and make the bride look stunningly beautiful on the wedding day.

Lehenga choli consists of three fundamental parts. The tightly fit blouse is called a choli, and the bottom is called ghagra or lehenga and the long cloth draped around the head and body is called as a dupatta. For different ceremonies special lehngas are made to impart the distinct look to the wearer.
Fitting to wear, undemanding to manage even if it is very heavy, the vivid colours, expert craftsmanship and custom made for the bride are some of the plus points that go in favor of this gorgeous and beautiful attire-it is a must in a bride’s wardrobe. Infact, more than just a gorgeous outfit, the lehenga choli as a bridal wear, holds a lot of prominence in the Indian tradition, as there is no greater occasion in an Indian family than a wedding.
Bridal lehenga choli comes in an assortment of colors. They come in red, maroon, pink, purple, orange, purple, yellow, gold, silver etc in all colors. The Bride can choose any color for the wedding, nevertheless red is mostly the colour of their choice. Bridal red Lehngas, in fabrics like silk, satin, crepe, georgette, brocade and decked with gorgeous embellishments like beads, stones, patch works, tikkies, gotta, rhine stones, embroideries look beautiful.
The Indian bridal lehengais mostly in colour red. Red signifies happiness, which comes into the bride’s life after marriage. Red is their conventional color and is traditional. The red colour, according to ancient Indian folklore, is symbolic of festivity/fertility. During the actual wedding ritual, conducted around the fire, the motifs and the bright red colour of the ensemble literally glow.
However, with altering times many things have changed. Today Indian brides wear many other colors on their weddings, for instance, pink, orange, maroon etc. However, in the Indian subcontinent, bright colours are still the highlights of bridal wear.
The bridal lehenga-cholis in red with their sparkling mirror-work look very striking. The blouses have detailed mirror-work and patch-work on them and are very colorful. Sequins work and handwork is very much in claim along with beadwork.
So much consideration is given to the bridal dress because the bride is the cynosure of the wedding and her dress is the focal eye-catching part that brings attention. Therefore, she cannot afford to go wrong with her dress. Bridal lehnga choli in the colour red completes her look and sets her apart from the crowd....LINK

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