Vampire Diaries Fashion

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vampire Diaries Fashion. Fashionable looks from the stars of Vampire Diaries. The stars on the hit tv show Vampire Diaries know what’s hot from their looks on the red carpet to their outfits worn in the show. The stars exude style.

Vampire Diaries is one of the hottest new vampire shows, and we all know that our culture can’t get enough of vampires these days. I even embraced my vampire side and decided to be one for Halloween. The fashion aspect from the show is pretty basic, Vampires dress like normal civilians in this day in age. This helps the vampire to blend in, after all they wouldn’t want to stand out would they? The favorite look of vampires on the show is strong leather pieces. Leather jackets to be exact, as well as the color red. Although Elena is not a vampire she is often seen in the color red. If you’re trying to pull off the vampire look from the show try arranging your outfit with leather pieces such as jackets, leggings, and the color red. Also try wearing graphic tees, and cropped jackets to enhance your look.

Vampire Diaries Fashion

Vampire Diaries Fashion  2

Vampire Diaries Fashion  3

Vampire Diaries Fashion  4

Vampire Diaries Fashion  5

Vampire Diaries Fashion  6

Vampire Diaries Fashion  7

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