Meke up tips for Teens

Sunday, December 27, 2009

teen-make-up-tipsAs a teenager, you spend a lot of time trying out and wearing different types of make-up. Look for allergy-free or non-allergenic products.

Cover up your blemishes and highlight your face with strictly oil-free foundations. These products are usually gels designed for oily skin. They contain alcohol, or witch hazel to assist in drying the skin. Stay away from water-based products as most contain oil that helps the product stay on the skin. Opt instead for oil-free products that contain salicylic acid or tea tree oil to aid in acne treatment.

Cream-based blushers, eye make-up and shimmer liquids are very oily and may add to your skin problem. Oil-free powders are the way to go. Mascara comes in all different types depending on what you want, but remember, longer-lasting varieties require eye make-up removers which are generally oil-based. Try using a generalized, non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) oil-free make-up remover to take off your make-up. Replace your mascara regularly, since bacteria builds up and application can lead to eye infections.

Lip glosses are tempting and come in a variety of shades. To make them shiny and soft, large amounts of oil are used. This can cause them to smear. Try outlining your lips with a pencil liner. It’ll keep the lipstick or gloss in place. For a longer lasting effect, try applying oil-free foundation to your lips and using a lip crayon. This will make your lipstick last for hours without having to re-apply.

Chapped lips and winter weather seem to go hand-in-hand. The dry seasonal air and indoor heating systems rob your lips of moisture. Natural lip balms are very popular. They have no petroleum, instead they contain beeswax and plant oils and come in fruit flavors. Some lip balms contain paba-free sunscreens for added protection. Don’t use your lip balm too often. Your lips will become dependent on it and will stop moisturizing themselves.


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