Bridal Hairstyles for your Wedding Day

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Start With Your Gown

wedding dress and veil

Trying to find your best choice of beautiful bridal hairstyles should begin with using the type and formality of your dress as a guideline. For modern gowns or outfits, choose, simple, sleek styles, loose curls are perfect for period-piece dresses, and the formal ball gown bridal dress would go well with any elegant updo.

Consider Your Hair’s Length

long curly wedding hairstyle

long curly hair

All brides, regardless of the length of hair, have a wide variety of interesting styles to choose from. Changing the part, using bangs, and either curling or straightening, along with adding decorative embellishments are all great choices for those with shorter hair.

Medium length or longer hair will of course have a few more options, such as these popular styles:

- Bun: Resembling the style often worn by ballerinas, a bun is a simple ponytail wrapped and rewrapped around itself on the top of the head.

hair bun

hair bun

- Chignon: Chignons are tight knots at the back of the head near the base of the neck and consist of either a regular ponytail or braided hair.

bridal updo

bridal chignon

- Updo: The term updo is used to describe any type of upswept hairstyle, which also usually features loose curls of hair framing the entire face.

wedding updo with flowers

wedding updo with flowers

Remember Your Headpiece

The type of headpiece you are wearing for the wedding will also dictate the type of hairstyle you should choose. If you have a veil with an elaborate headpiece, make sure your hair will fit under it and not interfere with the barrettes or bobby pins needed to keep everything in place. Decorative combs are another option, as well as wearing a tiara as opposed to the traditional veil.

bride with frangipanis in hair

long wedding hair with veil

5 Quick Bridal Hairstyle Tips

1. Never color or perm your hair right before the wedding. Make any changes to your hair about a month in advance, to allow time for mishaps to be corrected, and to give time for a more natural look to set in.

2. Two weeks before the wedding, visit your bridal salon or a trusted stylist for a trim to tidy up any split ends, and to keep hair looking its best for the big day.

3. Timing is important when getting your hair done on your wedding day. If you get it styled too early, you risk having it come loose or look different than it was supposed to. Also, remember not to have your hair pulled back too tightly, with any type of style, or you’ll more than likely end up with a headache before the evening is over.

4. If you plan on styling your own hair for your wedding, always enlist the help of a friend or family member for an extra hand if needed, as well as for the benefits of a second opinion.

5. Remember, less is sometimes more, especially when it comes to the bride’s hairstyle on her wedding day. Although you probably want something special, or even a bit different, you’ll still want to look like your real self at the wedding, so choose a glamorous style, but one that also allows you to still be recognizable.

As you make your final choice from your favourite bridal hairstyles, just remember that the hairstyle worn by the bride on her wedding day should always complement the bridal gown, and never compete with, or overshadow it in any way.

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