Take Care of Your Eyes This Summer

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Summer’s glowing sunlight , its warm breeze and the dirty conditions is extremely unsafe for our eyes. You need to embrace a few preventive techniques if you would like your eyes to appear fresh and enticing in the hot summer month. Down the pages are some trick and tips that you should follow this summer.
1- Keep the area under your eyes protected because it is absolutely hypersensitive. You can cover them by putting on sun shades with a broad body which are in fashion this year.
2- Make use of sunscreen of maximum factor underneath the eyes and on the eyelids as well. The reason behind this particular tip is to protect your coloration and wrinkles.
3- One of the better and simple to stick to summer eye care tip is always to consume lots of drinking water. Each and every one of our body organs and especially the eyes requires water and moisture.
4- Clean your eyes five to six times a days with clear water to wash away the dust during the summer season
5- Cucumber might behave as a mysterious solution for soothing the eyes and eliminating dark circles underneath them. For rejuvenating your eyes, put some slices of cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes before you go to sleep
6- Makeup during the summer should be light and simple because vibrant shades just do not look good during summer day time hours. You should consider using mineral makeup brands being that they are organic and natural and can help ensure that your eye care objective this summer succeeds

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