Simple Mascara Tutorial

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Since there was a request for a mascara tutorial, I'm posting one. Do let me know if it was at all helpful or too basic.

Make-up used:

  • Scott Barnes volumizing mascara. All I have to say is that you can close your eyes and find a better mascara. Not a big fan of this one.
  • Revlon SkinLights Illuminating Wand in Medium Touch

Tools used:
  • Shiseido lash curler. This is optional but I like to curl my lashes for extra drama.
  • Sonia Kashuk Lash and Brow groomer. This is optional and I used it to brush my brows in place. I use it when my mascara gets clumpy but I didn't need to use it this time.
  • Q-tips
Step 1:
Start with clean lashes. If you already have mascara on that has dried, your lashes can get very clumpy if you apply a mascara over them.

Step 2:
Curl lashes if you're going to do so.

Step 3:
Roll the mascara on a clean sheet of paper or a sturdy tissue. I find that most mascaras apply too much mascara on the first swipe and I get clumps. I like to gently take off the excess so that my coat is even and I can avoid any blobs.

Step 4:
Make a zig-zag motion from the base of the lashes to the top. For full drama, get every lash from the outer to the inner corner.

Step 5:
Be sure to get the lashes on the outer and inner corner of the eyes. You can hold your brush vertically if you need to in order to get to the hard to reach/coat lashes. Reapply mascara while it is still wet. I prefer to wait a few seconds to let the mascara set and then coat the lashes again while the mascara is still wet. I would really recommend against applying mascara when your lashes are dry because I find that the lashes don't get coated properly to get any significant result.

Step 6:
Clean up any mascara on your lids with a concealor. I dipped a q-tip in my concealor to erase a few dots of mascara I had.

Final Result:
If you have any clumps, be sure to brush them out with a lash comb. Otherwise, you're done.

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